1. First - someone must create a pool
    "AWARDSPOOL.COM" allows any group of friends or co-workers to create their own private online awards show pool. Picks can be made and changed by each pool member until the hour before the show begins. To begin, someone in your group must first create a pool. To do this simply click on the "Create/join a pool now" button on our home page. This will lead you through a guided registration process in which you must pick a pool "poolname" and (be creative). Your pool name will be the password which allows other pool members to add their picks to your private pool data base when they visit "AWARDS POOL.COM". In order to keep your pool exclusive be sure to only give your pool name to those people who you want to participate your pool.

  2. Inviting people into the pool
    After you have finished registering and creating your private pool go to the home page and click on the "Email an Invitation" button to send up to ten emails at a time to your friends inviting them to come and paly in the pool. This email will include the poolname you have selected as well as instructions on how to use this password when they return to "AWARDS POOL.COM". You also have the option of independently emailing your poolname to whom ever you wish. When pool members go to "AWARDS POOL.COM" and click on "Pool members login here" button on our homepage they will be given full instruction on how to enter the pool you have created

  3. Making your picks
    In the most common type of awards show pool pariticpants pick only the nominee they think will win in a particular category. The pool featured here is a little more complicated but a whole lot more fun. Instead of selecting only the winners, instead you rank all the nominees in a given category based on who you think is most likely to win to who you think is least likely to win. You then are awarded more or less points based on the accuracy of your predictions. Here is an example from my personal pool sheet in last year's Oscar pool. In the category for best picture I thought Will Smith was most likely to win and I thought Denzel Washington was second most likely to win and I thought Russell Crowe was third most likely to win and I though Sean Penn was fourh mos likely to win and I thought Tom Wilkinson was fifth moast likely to win. Keeping in mind that to object of this pool is to win the MOST points, on my ballot in this category I labeled my picks 5 through 1 respectivley. Those predictions on my pool sheet looked like this:

    In this category the person I thought was second most likely to win actually won. So, rather than getting no points at all, instead I added 4 points to my overall pool score. Had Tom Wilkinson won then I would have only been able to add 1 point to my pool score, and had Sean Penn won then I would have only been able to add 2 points to my overall pool score - snd so on. Each category should be ranked in the same way. In those categories with only 2 or 3 or 4 nominees you should number you picks 2 thorugh 1, 3 through 1 and 4 through 1 respectively. The advantage of this kind of scoring system is simple - everyone gets an opportunity to be in the running even if they never actually make a correct prediction. Remember, the object is to score the MOST points by the end of the show. Whoever scores the highest - wins! You can login to submit picks or pick changes right up untill the last minute - 5:00 PM PST on March 23, 2003.

  4. Compare Your Picks in the Pool on the Big Night
    Log-on to "AWARDS POOL.COM" during the big night together with other pool members. You can watch your scores update as the winners in each category are announced. No troublesome tabulating adn no troublesome cheaters - all predictions are locked-in and score totals are exact. Enjoy your pool and be sure to come back to "AWARDS POOL.COM" to dive into the next big awards show pool.

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